What are you doing While Quarantined???

I’ve been sitting here, day after day thinking about all the people in my life. What are they doing? How are they doing? How are they dealing with the unknown?

I have to be honest….I honestly don’t think the gravity of the situation has set in with me yet. I’m still just dumb. But not oblivious. I’m very aware, and my family and I have all been doing everything we can to limit our exposure to others. But i wish I could just be like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand. But I can’t…I have others that rely on me, and EVERYONE I ever come into contact to rely on me being safe. This is SO NOT EASY!!!! Anyone who really knows me will know and say that I like….. no, I LOVE interaction! I used to be the shyest person in the world when I was younger, and as an adult, I think I’m sub-consciously making up for all that conversation and interaction that I would not not allow when I was younger. LOL!!! (At least that is my theory) Because NOW, I really love interaction, friendship, and contacts.

But let’s come back to the point. What is EVERYONE DOING?!?! Drop your comments below! Or your ideas. ANYTHING!

You’re home. You’re isolated from the world. What did your kids do today? What did you NOT do today? We can’t talk in person, but we can talk here!!!

You know what I’m doing???? I am binging on cookies one day, and then eating as healthy as i can the next.

Sitting on the couch a whole day binge watching shows that I’m pretty sure was the worst time spent of my life, and then exercising three times a day the next.

I am ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! (What day is it????)

One day, I practice my makeup skills, and then go three days maybe still wearing traces of that make-up still on…. Don’t judge me.

Guys,…..i’m pretty sure I will sign anything to state that EVERY TEACHER IN THIS NATION NEEDS A PAY INCREASE!!!!

Seriously…god bless you all. And i say that from the bottom of my heart. This E-Learning is HARD!!! I’ve never felt more helpless with my kids. I don’t know how to teach, which is why I didn’t become a teacher!

Can I get an Amen Or Hell Yeah, or whatever for that?!!

I’d like to take this time in my blog to state that my business name “Essential Photography” has been my business name since 2017…I am not trying to take advantage of the current situation.

(I’m either going to be Loved for my Business name after all of this, or hated. I’ve already accepted that. )

What I did!!!!

I FINALLY gave our boys room a make-over!!!!

It was so overdue, and I feel bad I didn’t do it sooner.

Before…(the bed was pulled against the wall and this obviously after we found about 100 holes to fill.
Sooooo much better! Carpet hasn’t been installed yet!
I love how it turned out!

So this is what I’ve been up to!!! We’ve had carpet installed, and I’m just waiting to do the finishing touches until I post a AFTER SHOT!!! Stay tuned!!!

Until then…Share and post anything you are up to while stuck at home!!!

And if you have a website, include it! I’ll include it on my blog



  1. Jonas A Zimmerman says:

    Spending time with my son and creating a side buisness while getting ready for summer with health and exercise!!

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